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Roland MCB-RX (micro cube bass rx)

Mã sản phẩm:
Roland MCB-RX (micro cube bass rx)
Giá bán:
5,894,000 VND
Giá khuyến mãi:
Loading... 5,422,480 VND
Bảo hành:
12 tháng
Nhà sản xuất:
Xuất xứ:
2x 2,5 Watt stereo, 4x 4" (10cm) loud speaker

Powerful and bassy sound by 4 specifically Speaker with big total-membrane surface

6x amp-modeling (linear Super-Flat amp for pure bass sound or Fretless, Ampeg B-15 Combo, Fender Bassman, Acoustic 360, SWR-Stack, Octave Bass and Ampeg-Stack as well as microphone amp (like CUBE 30 BASS and CUBE 100 BASS)

7x DSP effects: Chorus/Flanger/Touchwah + Echo/Hall + Octaver preamp + Compressor (like CUBE 30 BASS and CUBE 100 BASS) 

Stereo operation (2 loudspeakers for left, 2 loudspeakers for right) 
for the famous JC-120 Chorus in which outputs the original signal on the left side and the pure effect signal on the right side. The overlaying takes place in the room and not electronic, as well as stereo hall, Stereo AUX IN (mp3/cd player) and Stereo Recording Out / Stereo head phone operation.

"Rhythm Guide" Drumcomputern with 11 styles (Metronom, Rock 1, Rock 2, Blues, Country, R&B, Ballad, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Dance) and each three variations as well as Tap Tempo key, Start/Stop and Volume control. Connection for double foot switch (Rhythm Guide Start/Stop + Tap Tempo)

Tuner for manuel operation (push the key shortly: selection of the strings with amp control) or chromatic operation (push the key a long time: automatic string identification)

3 band equalizer (like CUBE 30 BASS and CUBE 100 BASS

6x AA batterys with 13 hours operation

Power supply and strap are included in delivery

Weight: 6,4 kg 
Size: 30 x 30 x 21 cm
Shipping weight:5kg
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