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Guitar Effect BOSS VB-99

Mã sản phẩm:
Guitar Effect BOSS VB-99
Giá bán:
34,733,000 VND
Giá khuyến mãi:
Loading... 31,954,360 VND
Bảo hành:
12 tháng
Nhà sản xuất:
Xuất xứ:
  • AD Conversion: 24 bit +AF method (Adaptive Focus is a proprietary from Roland)
  • DA Conversion: 24 bit
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Program Memories: 400: 200 (user) + 200 (preset)
  • Nominal Input Level: Bass input: -10 dBu
  • Input Impedance: Bass input: 2.2M ohm
  • Nominal Output Level: Main Out: -10 dBu, Sub Out (XLR): +4 dBu, Bass Out: -10 dBu
  • Output Impedance: Main Out: 1 k ohm, Sub out (XLR): 600 ohm
  • Dynamic Range: 100 dB or greater (IFH-A)
  • Controls: Top Panel: OUTPUT LEVEL knob, Function knobs x 6 (F1–F6), BALANCE knob, V-BASS LEVEL knob, V-LINK button, DIRECT PATCH buttons x 5 (1–5), CONTROL buttons x 2 (1, 2), COSM BASS buttons x 2 (A, B), BASS DIRECT button, POLY FX A/B buttons x 2 (A, B), FX buttons x 2 (A, B), COSM AMP buttons x 2 (A, B), MIXER buttons x 2 (A, B), DELAY/REVERB button, DYNAMIC button, CHAIN button, CONTROL ASSIGN button, NAME/KEY/BPM button, Function buttons x 6 (F1–F6), EXIT button, WRITE button, PAGE buttons x 2 (Left, Right), BASS TO MIDI button, SYSTEM button, GLOBAL button, TUNER button, CATEGORY button, PATCH/VALUE dial, Power switch, Rear Panel: Ground Lift switch (SUB OUT)
  • D Beam: D Beam Controller, Pitch Button, Filter Button, Assignable button
  • Ribbon Controller: Ribbon Controller, Pitch Button, Filter Button, Assignable Button
  • Display: 240 x 64 dots graphic LCD (with backlit)
  • Top Panel: GK In connector (13 pin DIN type)
  • Rear Panel: BASS INPUT jack (1/4 inch phone type), BASS OUTPUT jack (1/4 inch phone type), SUB OUT jacks x 2 (L, R) (XLR type), MAIN OUT jacks x 2 (L/MONO, R) (1/4 inch phone type), PHONES jack (Stereo 1/4 inch phone type), DIGITAL OUT jack (Coaxial type, conforms to IEC60958-3), EXP PEDAL jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type), CTL 3,4 jack (1/4 inch TRS phone type), USB connector (B type), RRC2 IN connector (RJ45 type), MIDI connectors x 2 (IN, OUT) (5-pin DIN type), DC IN jack
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor (PSB1U)
  • Current Draw: 1.3 Amps
  • Accessories: Owner’s Manual, GK cable (5 m), USB cable, RRC2 cable, VB-99 Software CD-ROM, AC adaptor (PSB-1U), Knob Bolt x 4
  • Options: Divided Pickup: GK-3B, MIDI Foot Controller: FC-300, Footswitch: BOSS FS-5U, Dual Footswitch: BOSS FS-6, Expression Pedal: EV-5, BOSS FV-500L/500H, GK Cable: GKC-10/5/3, Unit Selector: US-20, Rack Mount Adaptor: RAD-99, Pad Stand: PDS-10, Footswitch Cable: PCS-31, Carrying Bag: CB-VG9
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 15 1/8 x 8 5/8 x 3 11/16 inches, 384 x 218 x 94 mm
  • Weight: 4 lbs. 11 oz., 2.1 kg
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