Piano điện Yamaha P-45

Đàn Piano Yamaha CVP-709B

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Piano Yamaha CVP-709 B Clavinova Digital Ensemble Piano - natural wood (NXW) linear graded hammer with 88 keys and ivory thomann keytops, escapement, counter weight, Super Artikulation and Mega Voice Sounds, Key-Off Samples, Smooth Release, String Resonance, Piano Room with Session Mode, Style Recommender, Acousitc Optimizer, Intelligent Acoustic Control, 256 note polyphonic, 1787 sounds, 600 styles + audio syles, 4 one-touch settings per thomann style

Touchscreen Farb-Display, text and score modes, 16-track recorder, USB audio player am recorder for waves and MP3, vocal harmony2, key cover folding, GP Response Damper Pedal, connection: USB to Host, USB to Device, 2x headphone, AUX In (Stereo mini), AUX Out (L/L thomann + R, R), RGB Out, microphone, Midi IN/OUT/Thru, 3 pedals, (30 W + 30 W + 20 ) x 2 + 40 Watt speakers, Dimensions: 1426 x 868 x 612 mm (WxHxD); weight: 79 kg, colour: black walnut

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